Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trudge, Trudge...

...and, I'm nearly there!

I just completed the paperwork (oh, I do hope I did it right!) for transferring my NC Teacher's pension to SC. I'm crossing my fingers, but - in the back of my mind - won't be totally surprised if I have to re-do all, or part, of it.

D-Day is Thursday - that's Decision Day - I have to either sign my contract, or I'm automatically NOT renewed for the next year.

I'm about 80% sure that I won't sign. I don't need to babysit DJ (pity, I was kind of looking forward to it), but my dear SIL is apparently facing another bout with cancer, and my daughter may need me, at least occasionally, in the fall.

I have PLANS!

  1. Writing is # 1 - I have been chomping at the bit to get started. I've upped my blogging regularity, and have been keeping a journal, as well. I figure that it will take me a week or two to get fully in the swing of daily production, but - watch out, World!
  2. Cleaning and Organizing - both a good cleaning of the entire house, as well as a simultaneous Pitching and Organizing. I plan to use the apps/EBay/whatever to squeeze some money out of it all, if I can. Otherwise, donate or pitch.
  3. Ham Radio - I have several projects that have been waiting until I had the attic cleared out enough to set up my Ham Shack. That's likely the first thing on my list for #2. I really cannot wait for this.
  4. Visiting Family & Friends - at last, I will not have to dash madly back and forth, lest I miss that Crucial Work Time! I plan to take a trip about once a month for the next year - with or without Den.
That's the major things on my list. What will be on YOUR list when you retire?

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  1. Take the plunge, you old broad & retire. Enjoy freedom while you can still move.


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