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Making, and Keeping, a Household Schedule

I'm not an organized or particularly neat person. As a kid, I cleaned up my room immediately after my mother pitched a massive fit about its disgusting condition.

Well, she was right - I only cleaned up when absolutely necessary. I did the same after marriage.

In my slovenly ways, I was encouraged by my husband, whose unspoken motto is:
If there is a flat surface, that's where I will put my stuff It wasn't too bad when we were first married. There is only so much clutter that 2 humans can make in a 3-room apartment. A quick pick-up a couple times a week, deep cleaning once a week - we were good to go.

Even after we had kids, the mess was SOMEWHAT controlled by the fact that we moved - a lot. Some of the clutter never got unloaded from move to move, staying in boxes stashed in corners.

It got bad - REALLY bad once we stayed in the same place for more than 10 years. Fortunately, that house had both an attic and a basement, where a lot of the junk ended up.

When I moved to SC…

Attention Issues in Later Life

ADD and ADHD have been studied in schoolchildren, and adults in the working years, as well. There are medications for those individuals whose disability is manifesting at a level that hinders their coping skills. Meds have their place, but use over a lifetime is still a question mark. Long-term studies indicate that there are many side effects, and the effect on brain and body health over time is still unknown.

Seniors are in a unique place. Few of those with attention issues were diagnosed or treated. Most developed some coping skills. Sadly, some fell by the wayside. Those people with supportive spouses, who fill in with assistance, may not even be aware of the extent of their disability.

Things change as we age. For some, that helpful spouse may no longer be with them, either through death or divorce. That spouse may be suffering memory issues, and not be able to assist.

Life in retirement is different - the things that helped keep many of us on track - schedules, secretaries, coll…

Lessons From Maria

Number One - don't be in a hurry to dump your landline.

On Puerto Rico, the cell towers are GONE. If the island were still using landlines, part of the service would still be available, even if some of the lines had gone down.

Some other things that have come out of that nearly complete disaster:

If your government is a total disaster before the incident, it will take even longer to recover. PR's economy has long been in the toilet. Roads, electric, water, and other infrastructure were known for blackouts/unavailability long before Hurricane Maria.If you want the US Federal Government to believe that you're serious about distributing the aid that is ALREADY THERE, you have to come up with a way of persuading/forcing your truckers to cooperate. Only about 20% of them have shown up for work. The rest are allegedly on strike. The Feds didn't cause that problem. The Trucker News has more on the story, which has been disputed by both the PR government and the Teamsters.The p…

Unsolicited Testimonial

Finder for Fitbit - available for IPhone, and for Androids.

I've used it twice in the last week - it's absolutely AMAZING! I've bought 3 Fitbits (one got washed and died, another was lost somewhere at school before I found this app). It's one of the few products that does EXACTLY what it's supposed to do. It works like You're Hot - You're Cold, with a meter to indicated how close you are to the device.

FREE! for the Lite version.

This is an absolutely indispensable product for owners of the devices.