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Tricks for Travelers

I've done a lot of business (and, some family-related) travel over the last 15 years. I've learned a lot about streamlining the process. Below are a few of the things that can make the experience better.

Air Travel:
If you have a bag that is on the cusp of being too big to be a carry-on, DON'T check in at the gate. Instead, go through using your home-printed passes or phone app, and just get in line. IF it's too big, they will tell you to check it - but, generally, WON'T charge you for it. I didn't do this on a recent trip, and found a half dozen people with bags that were bigger than mine either being permitted to put it in the overhead, or just having it taken on the boarding ramp (again, no charge). The closer you are to your plane, the less likely they are to charge you.Ziplock bags are your friend. Use the Freezer type - they can make it through multiple trips without damage. Use for unmentionables, small electronics parts/cables, shampoo/conditioner/lotion…

Tuesday's Money Savers for Seniors

I've been working improving our financial situation, and have been looking at two major ways to do it:
Spend lessSave more I've been doing a combination of the above. It's meant that I have been working to get the spread in what I bring in closer to what I take out. I'm not there yet, so have been dipping (lightly) into savings. I planned on using those savings over the next to keep us going until my writing income picks up, or until I get a part-time job that bridges the gap.

And, the Net is what is left over to PLAY with. I want a LOT of Net to play with.

So, on Tuesdays, I'll be passing along information that I've tracked down for spending/saving. Below are some of the first suggestions I've found: Free Coffee at Cinnabon - Found via Freebies 4 Mom - Sept 29thFree admission at museums for customers of Bank of America and Merrill Lynch credit cards. Oct 7 & 8Need to de-stress? Try these free adult coloring pages.And more coloring pages, this time from B…

Putting the Love Back In

Long-term relationships sometimes can stall out, for lack of emotional warmth. It's not that the partners DIS-like each other, they just feel lukewarm towards their mate. Or, so says Dr. Finkel, author of the "All or Nothing Marriage".
Many people are looking to their partners to replace the companionship and emotional support once provided by extended families and local institutions like churches, bowling leagues, bridge groups, fraternal lodges and garden clubs. Meanwhile, though, many couples are so busy with their jobs and parenting that they’re actually spending less time together by themselves. The post at the link above has some suggestions about how to turn up the fires - the ideas are called "Love Hacks". They seem to be based on some degree of evidence (although recent investigation of many social science research suggests that throwing darts at a target would produce similar results). They couldn't hurt, however, and might be useful.

White Space - NO, It's NOT About Race

It's about using a portion of the broadband that is not currently in use, for the purposes of accessing faster speeds for Internet. It's probably most useful in rural communities, but, inner-city communities might find it useful, as well.

Why should seniors care? Many of us are located in relatively isolated parts of the country - rural areas, temporary housing, senior housing, etc. Having low-cost access to fast Internet could go a long way towards keeping us mentally active, connected to family/friends, and allowing us to receive information that could extend or enhance our lives.

Read about it, here.

The Frugal Mindset

I've been putting off needed purchases for days, even weeks, since I retired. In some ways, that might be a good thing - many purchases are unnecessary, and delaying a purchase might result in deciding not to buy.

But, that's not what's happening here - these are purchases I've already thought about, decided were worth the cost, and had put on an order.

Only to hang there, in that online cart, for weeks. I'm finding infinite reasons to NOT make a decision to buy.

This type of behavior is new to me, since I've been retired. When I could count on an income twice a month coming from work, I didn't do this. I didn't hesitate to make immediate purchases. There was always a surplus in the account, and I felt free to dip into it.

What are other seniors doing? Put your best tips for managing money in the comments.

3 Months into Retirement - How is it Going?


That's not me, but it expresses how I feel.

I've spent a lot of the past 3 months clearing up old tasks, unloading accumulated junk from my house, and enjoying NOT having to put off needed medical appointments because the time off wasn't convenient to my employer.

I've developed some good habits, like:

Making my bed every day. Of course, it helped that my husband leaves so early, but, he has also jumped on board with this during his summer break.Keeping the kitchen spiffed up (Is that a phrase? My mother used it). I've been deep-cleaning and organizing (which, of course, makes it easier to keep it clean).Walking - not every day, but most. Outside, if possible, otherwise, in the house. My FitBit is registering meeting goals every week.Laundry - no longer with piles in front of the washer.Writing - every day, something. The novel is not progressing as fast as I would like, but I am making progress. I'm starting to reach out to various markets with queries, …


Due to the holiday weekend, I'm not posting my usual Sunday stuff. Instead, I'm co-posting a Sunday reflection I had written for Right As Usual.

Link here. It won't be available until 9 am, so I'll likewise schedule this post for then.