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Back From Vacay

And, it was lovely.

We traveled through Erie, PA, before the snow started coming, which was a good thing, as they are around 70 inches accumulation on the street right now.

70 inches!

Christmas was all that I wanted:

Family and friends aroundGood food, but not too muchFun - we went to see the new Star WarsTime on the trip for DH and I to talkRest I'm ready to take up my regular schedule, starting next Tuesday. Until then, I'll be spending time at home, getting back into regular workouts at the gym, and clearing out temptation from the kitchen.
Next week, I'll begin regular posts again.

Some Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Seniors

No one needs handkerchiefs anymore. Many people would love to come up with better gifts, but have trouble thinking of something both appropriate and indulgent. Why indulgent? Because many seniors can afford what they NEED, but hesitate to spend money on something unnecessary.

Here's some ideas:

Gift certificate for a plane trip, or transfer your Frequent Flyer miles to their account.Gift cards at nearby restaurants.Gift card for an Uber or Lyft ride. There are times you just can't drive - after visits to the eye doctor (particularly if they have to have drops put into their eyes), when recovering from injury or illness, when roads are unsafe, after dark.1 year's free fitness club membership.Time and help - make a date to come over to help them wrap Christmas gifts, address cards, bake cookies. Let them set a date for a get-together with friends, and be the caterer and clean-up person.Lawn service. Find a younger person to help them with weeding and gardening.Window cleaning…