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Digital Native? Or Not?

I've long been bothered by the phrase "Digital Native", as it implies that older people will never be able to master the newer technologies.  I have NOT found it to be a problem for me.

I was using digital before digital was cool.  I took Computer Science courses back when they still had the Hollerith card (see below):
The idea that those who grew up with technology all around them are somehow BETTER at it is ridiculous.  By that standard, those who learned to drive on an automatic shift are more knowledgeable than those that can handle a stick shift.
Seniors can handle using technology, and many do.  One of the most useful technology are the e-book readers.  They are lightweight, easy to carry or tuck into a pocket or purse, and, best of all, the font can be enlarged sufficiently that those with poor vision can still enjoy reading.
I even find that I can read in bed without glasses (which means that I don't bend the metal in the frames when I fall asleep reading).

Already Seeing the Difference

Last night, we watched TV in a newly cleaned bedroom.  It was nice to enjoy a less dusty, less cluttered environment.

This morning, I got up early, cleared off the table (it's a landing zone for junk), and got the dishes done.
I'm watching (allegedly) the videos that I have to for that Reading course I have to take (well, they aren't getting my FULL attention, but they aren't worth THAT much of my attention.  I'm so near finishing (more than 87% done) that I want to blitz it this weekend, and check it off my list.
This is going to be a busy month, focusing on the kinds of things I will be doing once retired.  In addition to organizing and cleaning (and a LOT of throwing out), I will be writing - not just blog posts, but my books - the Chem one and another one, a novel that I've had in progress for ages.  If I can move those projects ahead (hopefully, within a few months, completing one of them), I will believe that this summer was successful.

Moved Back to Blogger

I toyed with this for some time, finally decided that I wanted to put my money into pre-retirement needs.  I've been blogging consistently since about 2003, in a variety of places, but I haven't pursued the monetization of any blog in a while.

It certainly is possible to make money from blogs, but it requires the full-time effort I don't choose to make.  The topics that excite my passion are politics, culture, teaching, Catholicism (NOT theology), and science.  None of which get the advertisers salivating.

So, I'll be posting on here for now.  In a few days, I'm going to see if I can port the old posts from over here - if not, no biggie.

My focus here will be:

Weeding through all of the paperwork associated with preparing to retire.Medicare - I'm signed up, but only for Part A.  I'll be looking at my options for next year.Improving health/cognition - any improvement not only increases quality of life, but also options with medical issues/fin…