Friday, June 17, 2016

Moved Back to Blogger

I toyed with this for some time, finally decided that I wanted to put my money into pre-retirement needs.  I've been blogging consistently since about 2003, in a variety of places, but I haven't pursued the monetization of any blog in a while.

It certainly is possible to make money from blogs, but it requires the full-time effort I don't choose to make.  The topics that excite my passion are politics, culture, teaching, Catholicism (NOT theology), and science.  None of which get the advertisers salivating.

So, I'll be posting on here for now.  In a few days, I'm going to see if I can port the old posts from over here - if not, no biggie.

My focus here will be:

  • Weeding through all of the paperwork associated with preparing to retire.
  • Medicare - I'm signed up, but only for Part A.  I'll be looking at my options for next year.
  • Improving health/cognition - any improvement not only increases quality of life, but also options with medical issues/finances.
  • Homes - what are the pros and cons of: owning, renting, selling, moving, tiny houses, condos, retirement communities, etc.
  • What will we do with that free time?
  • Second careers, hobbies, volunteering.
And, any other topic that hits my eye.

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