Thursday, June 30, 2016

Digital Native? Or Not?

I've long been bothered by the phrase "Digital Native", as it implies that older people will never be able to master the newer technologies.  I have NOT found it to be a problem for me.

I was using digital before digital was cool.  I took Computer Science courses back when they still had the Hollerith card (see below):
The idea that those who grew up with technology all around them are somehow BETTER at it is ridiculous.  By that standard, those who learned to drive on an automatic shift are more knowledgeable than those that can handle a stick shift.

Seniors can handle using technology, and many do.  One of the most useful technology are the e-book readers.  They are lightweight, easy to carry or tuck into a pocket or purse, and, best of all, the font can be enlarged sufficiently that those with poor vision can still enjoy reading.

I even find that I can read in bed without glasses (which means that I don't bend the metal in the frames when I fall asleep reading).

What are you waiting for?  The prices range from $25 or so used, all the way up to around $300 for the high-end, touch-sensitive ones, all-the-bells-and-whistles gadgets.  Check out my link in the sidebar at right.

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