Sunday, August 6, 2017

Changes to Medicare - How They Will Affect You

Obamacare has a wider impact than the people who are forced to comply with its many provisions. It will have an effect on Medicare, as well.
Despite the constant political rhetoric that Medicare payment reductions affect only providers and not beneficiaries, funding cuts for Medicare services will directly affect those who depend on those services. If Obamacare’s major reductions are implemented by Congress over the coming decade, seniors’ ability to access Medicare services will surely diminish.
Obamacare can be considered a success, judging from the OMB's reports.

Unfortunately, those reports can only work from data/constraints they are given. Such limits mean that, depending on the questions/framework/data comprising their analysis, ACA looks like a raging success.

Which, it isn't.

In too many Americans' minds, debt of a government should just be paid by all those high-earners who greedily grab all the available money in an economy.

Funnily enough, a substantial number of those high earners - celebrities(nearly ALL of Hollywood, the music industry, and the extremely well-paid MSM), Internet billionaires (Zuckerberg, Gates, Musk), Capitalists (Soros, Buffet), long-wealthy families (DuPonts, Kennedys, John Kerry's wife, etc.), support the party that wants to 'tax the rich'.

Which, they are. Hmmm. That seems odd - to voluntarily put their wealth in the hands of the government.

Is it really likely that they will risk their net worth by that support? No. What they WILL do is to structure those 'cash-grabs' in such a way as to leave THEIR wealth virtually untouched. While reaching WAY down into the middle-class to get that filthy lucre.

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