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Some Thoughts for a GOOD Retirement

This isn't about money (although, not having to worry about money is also a GOOD thing).

This isn't about health, medical care, or how to pay for it all.

This is about building habits that will make this the Best Part of Your Life.

I had been aimlessly browsing, ahem - I mean strictly reading what was absolutely necessary, when I happened upon a reference that intrigued me.

It led me to this site. What Ann Voskamp wrote about struck a chord in me.

She wrote about habits and how they can transform your life. Not just by the immediate outcomes, but how they can bring God's Grace to your life.

Now, I'm not the most knowledgable about religious matters, but what she said struck me as true.

One of the things she said seemed unbelievable.
“Forty-five percent of what we do every day is habitual,” say the researchers, “performed almost without thinking in the same location or at the same time each day, usually because of subtle cues.Other sources have cited different figures (t…