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As of Today, It's June 2018

After a LOT of discussion with my husband, that's the date when we will plan to be retired from our full-time jobs.

As my husband would say, God only knows when we will no longer be working part-time at SOMETHING.

This planning process is all about testing out the waters, making adjustments, and setting sail.

And, then, making even more adjustments.

Retirement is no longer about working until 65 or so, and quitting work entirely with a generous pension, Social Security, and all those senior discounts.  Since the 1970's inflation days, it's gotten harder to predict money needs far in the future.  Selling a house no longer generates a fat check, and, after all, you have to live somewhere after that.

I'm trying to be patient, and roll with the waves, but it's not easy for me.  I generally like more control over my circumstances.


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I started Tuesday morning by getting cleaned up and dressed. I got to work with revising my Chem book, planning my week, and cleaning up the kitchen.

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